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the root hair advantage

Why choose Root Hair Institute in Greater Seattle for your Hair Loss & Restoration Journey?

diagnostic precision

The truth is that there are dozens of types of hair loss, and the specific type of hair loss YOU HAVE matters! It determines what treatment options are appropriate and are most likely to be effective. With this understanding, we start each consultation by first making an appropriate diagnosis and then creating a tailored treatment plan based on that diagnosis and your goals.

holistic approach

Hair loss (especially types with increased shedding) can be a sign of many internal conditions, including thyroid disorders, low Vitamin D, low iron levels, hormonal imbalances and auto-immune conditions. Hair loss can also be caused by things like medications and stressors on the body. At Root Hair Institute (RHI), we take the time to do a thorough history and exam to determine if there are any subtle signs that any underlying issues could be contributing to your hair loss BEFORE blindly jumping into treatments.

expert personalized treatment

Unfortunately, many providers only offer one or a few solutions for hair loss, and push that single solution for all patients regardless of what type of hair loss they have or their individual treatment goals, concerns, and priorities. At RHI, we are experts in multiple hair loss treatment modalities. Through our expertise in multiple types of treatment, we are able to provide a truly personalized approach that best fits our patients, their type of hair loss, and their lifestyle. This is immeasurably important in finding a hair loss solution that patients can be compliant with long term, as hair loss is a long-term problem requiring a long-term solution and plan.

collaborative & comprehensive solutions

Hair restoration has traditionally been a fragmented field. Time and again, we have seen how many patients have to travel to various doctors in order to obtain a complete approach to their hair loss. They may see one specialist for a laboratory workup, one for proper diagnosis and potentially scalp biopsy, and another for treatments such as surgery.  At RHI, in order to truly provide a comprehensive approach to hair loss under one roof, we have a unique, synergistic treatment team which includes both a board-certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained hair restoration surgeons. Through this collaboration, we are able to offer the highest level of quality care to those with hair loss while saving our patients from a lot of frustration in their hair loss journey!

transparency & support

We understand that the hair loss and restoration  industry is full of misinformation and navigating this alone can be confusing. We also know that losing hair is very emotional for many. It can affect not only self-identity and self-worth but also your confidence in interacting with others whether at work or in your personal life. At RHI, our mission starts with education. We use our knowledge, experience, and expertise to ensure that patients are educated appropriately on their condition and treatment options in a way that is transparent and evidence based. We are committed to restoring patients’ confidence. Our team provides support and education to make sure patients feel safe and comfortable every step of the way.

inclusive care

The hair restoration industry has historically targeted a limited demographic, even though hair loss affects people from all backgrounds. RHI is committed to treating all patients, regardless of gender, race, or background. Our doctors have extensive experience treating people of all genders, as well as persons of color with hair loss and are comfortable with every hair texture. We are dedicated to providing excellent inclusive care for all suffering from hair loss.