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Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a commonly utilized non-surgical tool in aesthetic hair restoration. It is a long-lasting but semi-permanent form of hair camouflage. The technique requires a skilled operator to utilize a handheld device to place pigment into areas of the scalp that look visibly thin to allow an illusion of hair coverage. It is similar in concept to topical powders that many patients with hair loss use to cover areas that are thinning. However, unlike powders/fibers, SMP is long-lasting, does not require daily application, and will not run down if the hair becomes wet (which are common shortcomings of powder/fiber use).


The pigment is added to the scalp using tiny dots of varying intensity with various hues of the same primary hair color (ie. black points for black-colored hair). The tiny dots come together to create a ‘shadow’ which decreases the color contrast between the hair and scalp. However, close up examination reveals that the dots are distinct and should seamlessly blend in with the surrounding hair follicles creating a natural final look. It is important to remember that SMP is considered semi-permanent and the treated area may fade over time since skin exfoliates over time. This can then be touched up with subsequent sessions of SMP.


At RHI, we use SMP as part of our comprehensive approach to hair loss. There are a number of clinical scenarios where SMP can help patients achieve their goals. The first is in patients with a close shave/buzz who want the illusion of a “stubble look” or a “5 ’o’clock shadow”. This procedure can be used to create this stubble look on the scalp in those who shave their scalp or wear their hair very short. SMP can also be used to create the “5 ’o’clock shadow” appearance for patients in the beard area. Another use for SMP is to achieve an illusion of greater hair density by decreasing scalp visibility in those who have existing hair that they do not plan to shave. Finally, in those with existing scars from prior procedures (including both FUT and FUE), SMP can be used to decrease visibility of these scars.