Root Hair Institute


our team


Our Seattle-based team includes board-certified dermatologist and hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Natalie Kash, and hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Rahil Roopani.

Our team is also made up of our caring patient liaisons, physician assistant, and experienced hair technicians and medical assistants.

Having both a board-certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained hair restoration surgeons on our team uniquely positions us to precisely diagnose and treat all types of hair loss for all types of people.

Dr. Kash & Dr. Roopani both completed one of only six formal year-long Hair Restoration Surgery Fellowships in the U.S. approved by the international governing body, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.  Their unique experience and commitment to the field allows them to understand extremely important nuances of hair restoration surgery including the artistry of hairline design and natural-appearing results, the importance of a multi-pronged approach to hair loss including maintenance therapy, and planning not only for a patient’s best hair outcome in the present but also in the future.  They translate this knowledge, expertise, and experience to delivering the highest level of care for their patients. 

Dr. Kash and Dr. Roopani have committed their careers, both clinically and through research endeavors, to hair loss and restoration. They are both active in publishing on underlying causes and treatments of hair loss. Check out some of their recent publications in the medical literature and media below.