Medical therapy for hair loss in Greater Seattle

Discover the best solution for hair loss when you seek medical therapy treatment at Root Hair Institute.

Medical therapy treatment for hair loss in Seattle

Dealing with hair loss not only involves finding a solution for baldness and improving one’s appearance. It also enhances your mental health by boosting self-confidence toward other people.


Root Hair Institute is your perfect choice for hair loss solutions without the need to go to surgery.


With our medical therapy treatment, you can bid goodbye to baldness and hair shedding and say hello to your beautiful and healthily restored hair.

How does our medical therapy treatment works

Medical therapy is an effective treatment option for hair loss. It offers different types of medication for varying hair loss problems

Our medical therapy treatment works through the following process:

Hair loss examination

Your medical treatment therapy starts with a thorough assessment from our hair restoration specialists and board-certified dermatologists.


They will check your existing medical condition and the results of your hair loss examination to devise the proper treatment approach.


Additional laboratory procedures may be requested to give your doctor a more informed opinion of your condition.

Customized medical therapy plan

After confirming that your condition falls under a medical therapy approach, your doctor will start planning a personalized hair restoration program.


It may involve using a multi-pronged method where your physician will combine different medical therapy that suits your hair loss problem.


Your medical therapy should work within 3-6 months, depending on the type of treatment you are given. However, there may be cases when your doctor may advise you to continue other hair restoration procedures, with the aid of medical therapy, to improve the health of your hair further.


Talk to our dermatologists and hair restoration experts at Root Hair Institute if you want the best medical therapy treatment in Greater Seattle.

How does our medical therapy treatment help

Medical therapy for hair loss is a non-surgical treatment that offers a more convenient and accessible option for hair restoration.

Avoid undue health risks

A non-surgical procedure allows you to avoid complications that may happen, especially if you have underlying medical conditions. If you have other existing conditions, choosing medical therapy instead of surgery, such as a hair transplant, may be your best option.

Convenient approach

Oral and topical therapies are available for convenient use. They do not require downtime, unlike surgeries where you need hospital admission and time off from work. While the treatment's effect may need months to surface, you can start your hair restoration journey without affecting your routine.

Avoid higher expenses

Getting surgery for hair loss comes with a hefty price, not only during the procedure itself but also even for aftercare. With our medical therapy, you will have a more affordable option for hair restoration.

Finding the best hair loss solution?
Worry no more here at Root Hair Institute will provide you the best medical therapy treatment for your hair loss problem.

We offer different medical therapy treatments

You can restore your hair with oral and topical treatments depending on what your hair requires.


Several oral treatments for hair loss range from prescription agents to over-the-counter supplements. The exact types of oral therapies are recommended depending on the type of hair loss.

A prescription medication for men with hair loss, specifically with androgenetic alopecia or male pattern hair loss. This FDA-approved treatment slows down the rate of hair loss and facilitates new growth.


You may start seeing results as early as four months, but you can notice its full effects one year after starting your medication.

You may start seeing results as early as four months, but you can notice its full effects one year after starting your medication.

An off-label oral treatment for women with androgenetic alopecia that cease hair loss progression by slowing down the production of androgens. As a result, hair regrowth begins to develop.

An oral hair loss treatment that slows down hair loss among men by restraining testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) conversion. It results in the increase of estrogen and testosterone levels within the normal range and improves hair count.

An off-label treatment that increases hair growth for both men and women by concentrations of 5% without affecting blood pressure. 


In inflammatory types of hair loss, oral prescriptions targeted at decreasing inflammation can be helpful to reduce the inflammation at the level of the hair follicle to minimize future loss and avoid irreversible damage such as scarring and permanent loss of the hair follicle.


Our hair restoration surgeons and dermatologists at Root Hair Insitute are all familiar with the level of evidence of these medications. They can discuss your individual case’s efficacy, safety, and appropriateness.


Many of these agents can also be formulated as topical agents for those who want to avoid oral agents.


There are many topical agents for different types of hair loss. These agents are often formulated as a solution, foam, or oil to allow easy application onto the scalp. A topical hair loss treatment is an excellent option for patients who do not want to be on medications by mouth for their hair loss.

Topical therapy allows a combination of multiple active ingredients into one product to allow a multi-pronged approach to hair loss with straightforward application of a single product. This is often done with a compounded topical prescription.


Talk to our doctors at Root Hair Institute to get the most accurate prescription for your hair loss restoration. 


Our doctors are skilled in determining the right ingredients for your case, what ingredients to combine, what concentration to use, and what formulation to use.

One thing to remember is that topical medication will only work if you apply it! If you are not likely to consistently use the product on your scalp at least once daily, consider other treatment options.

It is also essential to understand how to apply topical agents properly. Ensure that when applying these agents, you are parting the hair in multiple areas, applying the product, and then using your fingers to massage the product into the scalp.

The hair shaft itself is made of a protein called keratin. The living cells in the hair follicles that make the hair are located on the scalp, so any topical treatment must make contact with the scalp.

This allows effectiveness at the level of the hair follicle to decrease shedding and increase growth.

Topical agents can be combined with microneedling to increase delivery to the level of the follicle; however, it is essential to discuss this option with an experienced hair loss doctor.

Book a consultation with our hair restoration specialist to learn more about these medical therapy treatment options at Root Hair Institute.

Benefits of our medical therapy treatment

Many choose to undergo medical therapy treatment because it presents a safer and more cost-effective option than surgeries.

The advantages of medical therapy treatment include the following:

Easy and convenient

Our medical therapy treatment allows you to regain your hair without needing hospital admission and surgeries. Oral and topical treatments can be taken conveniently without breaking your regular daily schedule.

Safe and effective

We only use FDA-approved medications for your hair loss treatment. Our doctors are also knowledgeable in combining medical therapy backed by evidence and research and are all proven safe and effective.

Patient education

We debunk myths and misconceptions about hair restorations and promote awareness and education among our patients. Our medical therapy options are given on an evidence-based and transparent approach while ensuring a safe and comfortable treatment.

At Root Hair Institute
we will make sure to develop safe and more effective combination topical therapies to improve patient’s cosmetic outcome

Our medical therapy treatment cost

The cost of medical therapy treatment is case-to-case, depending on your doctor’s assessment of your condition. It includes the severity of your hair loss and the treatment duration you may undergo.


To get an accurate estimation of our medical therapy treatment cost, call Root Hair Institute, and we’ll gladly assist you with your concern.

Why choose Root Hair Institute for your medical therapy treatment?

Root Hair Institute is a reliable partner for your medical therapy treatment. We provide services that cater to every hair loss problem in different severity, supervised by the best specialists in Greater Seattle.

Best hair restoration specialists

We are proud to have the best medical therapy treatment specialists in Greater Seattle. Our top-notch hair restoration surgeons and board-certified dermatologists specialize in administering effective and safe medical therapy solutions to hundreds of patients in Greater Seattle.

Collaborative solutions

Root Hair Institute provides a wide array of hair restoration treatments. Aside from giving the best medical therapy treatment, our hair restoration surgeons and dermatologists work together to provide you with additional treatment options that would benefit your hair restoration journey.

Accurate diagnosis

Hair loss may be a warning sign of an underlying condition. Before we jump into treatment, our doctors thoroughly assess your medical condition and make informed decisions before making a personalized treatment plan.

Flexibility in treatment costs

We at Root Hair Institute do not delay treatment just because you cannot afford it on a one-time payment. We provide flexibility in payment through our financing partners, who can assist you with paying on a monthly installment basis and getting the medical therapy treatment you need.

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