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Low-level light therapy for hair loss uses red visible light, typically between 630-670 nm to cause a number of physiologic changes, termed photobiomodulation. This includes changes in cell metabolism, increased blood flow, decreased oxidative stress, and alterations in growth factors and inflammatory mediators. There is increasing evidence of the efficacy of this type of treatment for androgenetic alopecia. There is less evidence supporting its use for other types of hair loss. This again is why it is important to see someone who can make a proper diagnosis of the type of hair loss that you have and then come up with the best treatment plan for you.


Low-level light therapy can be a great option for many patients. Its advantages include that it is relatively well-tolerated with minimal side effects, ability to do treatment at home, and no contraindications. The disadvantages include the price, the need for regular use at home, its limited study in types of hair loss besides androgenetic alopecia, and decreased efficacy of many devices for darker skin types.


Compliance is extremely important for the best results. Any device will only work if you use it regularly! If this is not something you envision yourself doing regularly, it may be best to consider other treatment options. For this reason, we typically recommend light caps or helmets over combs as they are easier to use with less time required and higher compliance for our patients in our experience.


We go through the specifications and data to support the use of various devices in order to be able to recommend and offer the best red light caps with ideal safety, efficacy, and relatively affordable price to our patients.