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Hair Restoration with Scalp Injections in Greater Seattle

Root Hair Institute provides scalp injections as an option for hair loss treatment in Greater Seattle. They utilize the newest and most advanced tools and techniques to give the best possible results.

Scalp Injections in Greater Seattle

There are a number of scalp injections that can be used for hair loss. One option includes growth factor injections. Growth factors are often injected into the scalp in areas that have thinning hair in order to decrease further loss, thicken existing hair, and in some cases grow more hair. These types of injections have been studied mostly in androgenetic alopecia (also called AGA or patterned hair loss or patterned balding). There are also studies in other types of hair loss such as alopecia areata and scarring hair loss. However, further studies are still needed, and the use of these growth factor injections for any type of hair loss is off label.


Another type of injectable therapy for hair loss is the injection of steroids into the scalp. These steroid injections are often recommended for inflammatory types of hair loss or for shedding hair loss (telogen effluvium).

Scalp injections overall can be a useful tool for the treatment of hair loss. The hair restoration physicians at Root Hair Institute (RHI) are very experienced and knowledgeable in the best injection preparations and techniques. Our doctors start with first making an appropriate diagnosis and then tailoring a treatment plan for you based on that diagnosis. Additionally, our team uses measures to keep individuals as comfortable as possible during any procedures such as scalp injections. 

How do our scalp injection treatments work?

 As mentioned above there are different types of scalp injections that work differently. We will discuss how growth factor injections and steroid injections work below. The growth factor injections are autologous meaning they are obtained from your own blood. The process starts with a blood draw. The blood is then centrifuged. The growth factors are then isolated and then injected into the areas of the scalp with thinning or where increased growth is desired. There can be different types, methods of injection, and frequency of injections depending on your case.
The growth factors may increase hair growth through a number of potential downstream effects that generally increase growth of the hair follicle, increase the length of the growing stage of the hair cycle, lead to increased blood flow, and decrease inflammation and oxidative stress With the steroid scalp injections, steroids such as triamcinolone are injected at a low dose and superficially locally into the scalp. This helps to reduce inflammation and may be recommended in some cases of inflammatory hair loss or shedding hair loss (telogen effluvium).

Why do people trust us with their growth factor scalp injections for hair loss?

One major criticism of growth factor injections for hair loss is varying results across different studies and varying protocols across providers and studies including how the growth factors are isolated, what agents they are combined with (if any), how deep they are injected into the scalp, spacing of the injection points, and the frequency of injections.  These techniques vary among different providers, and it is important to go to someone who is experienced with the injections, understands the anatomy of the hair follicle and scalp, and is honest about expected results.
At Root Hair Institute, our hair loss physicians are experts who keep up with the newest and most advanced hair loss treatments to offer our patients the best results.

How do growth factor scalp injections help?

Growth factor scalp injections are potentially helpful to the hair in some individuals in these different ways: 

Stimulate Natural Hair Growth.

Injection of growth factors into the scalp is a procedure that can promote hair growth. These growth factors can help to increase the length of the anagen (growing phase) of the hair cycle.

Boost Hair Thickness.

The growth factors can stimulate hair follicles when injected into the scalp and can increase blood flow to the scalp. This can lead to thickening (increased diameter) of your existing hair.

Enhance the Condition of Existing Hair.

Growth factors isolated from your own blood can assist with tissue repair and regeneration. This can lead to improved health of hair follicles leading to healthier appearing existing hair.

At Root Hair Institute, we make sure to provide quality growth factor injection hair restoration services to our patients in Greater Seattle.

Benefits of Growth Factor Hair Treatment

Many individuals choose scalp injections with growth factors to help treat their hair loss for many potential benefits and advantages listed below: 

Quick In-office Treatment

Growth factor scalp injections are generally a short in-office procedure. At Root Hair Institute, we take measures to make the injections as quick and comfortable as possible. Scalp injections do not require individuals to keep up with a treatment regimen at home.

Natural Treatment

Growth factor injections at Root Hair Institute are all autologous, meaning they are products isolated from your own body. Some patients who are not comfortable with medication-based therapies prefer this growth factor injection treatment option and other options such as red light therapy.

Ability to Combined with Other Therapies

Growth factor injections can be combined with other therapies such as topical medications, oral medications, low-level light therapy, microneedling, and hair restoration surgery. In fact, many of these treatments work better together than alone as they target hair loss pathways at multiple levels and in different ways.

Minimal downtime

Patients who undergo growth factor injections at RHI generally have very little downtime. There are certain measures recommended such as avoiding certain supplements or medications, exercise, scalp massage, and other activities in the days before and after the procedure. Our patients at RHI receive detailed pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions in order to optimize their treatment results. However, generally the procedure is well-tolerated with minimal downtime. Make sure to discuss the downtime and pre and post treatment recommendations with your performing provider before deciding if growth factor injections are right for you.

It is also important to have a consultation to discuss the risks and alternatives of this treatment option with an experienced provider such as our doctors at Root Hair Institute and to determine if this treatment could be appropriate in your case. 
Is Thinning or Receding Hair Messing With Your Head? Visit Root Hair Institute to achieve your hair goals.

Our Scalp Injection Cost

Pricing will depend on the type of scalp injections recommended. We recommend scheduling a consultation so a diagnosis and appropriate treatment recommendations can be made based on your individual case. Based on the specific treatments recommended, you will receive the cost for the scalp injections recommended (if any). Talk to us to book a consultation to start your hair restoration journey today. 

Why choose Root Hair Institute for your Growth Factor Hair Treatment in Seattle?

Below are just some of the reasons why you should consider choosing Root Hair Institute for your Growth Factor Scalp Injections in Greater Seattle:

Personalized Treatment for You and Your Hair Loss

Our physicians start by first making a diagnosis. If any additional testing is needed in your case such as a scalp biopsy or laboratory work, they will let you know. Based on your type and cause of hair loss, other medical problems, goals, priorities, and preferences, our doctors will then walk you through your treatment options and help you decide on a treatment plan.

Commitment to Support and Education

Our doctors are committed to educating you on your options including growth factor injections if appropriate. They will educate you on the risks, benefits, and alternatives, so that you can make the decision that is right for you.

Our Experienced Team

To provide our patients with the best care possible, our hair loss physicians at Root Hair Institute are experts in the field of hair restoration. They are members of and have leadership roles in various professional organizations, give lectures at universities, present at national and international meetings, and publish in the field. They stay current with the most advanced and cutting-edge hair loss treatments. Our physicians are skilled in administering growth factor injections and are knowledgeable about the anatomy of the scalp, hair follicle, and the best techniques to utilize in the injection of growth factors.


Growth factor injection therapy for hair loss is a three-step medical procedure where a person’s blood is extracted, processed, and then injected into the scalp in areas with thinning or where increased growth is desired.
A number of studies have shown growth factor injections to be potentially effective for many individuals in helping to thicken existing hair. It is important to note that these injections, like other therapies such as medications, are most effective in those with existing hair in the area and typically are not effective in areas with little to no existing hair. These injections, like other treatment options, are not effective in everyone, so it is important to have these injections with someone who can treat your hair loss comprehensively and change the treatment regimen if necessary if you are not responding or not achieving the amount of response you desire. There are a number of factors to be considered, so it is important to consult with a provider, such as one of our hair restoration physicians, to determine if this could be an appropriate treatment option in your case.
If you achieve a response with growth factor injections, it is important to understand that you will need repeat sessions in order to maintain the result. The sessions are often more frequent initially in order to obtain a result and then are often able to be spaced out in order to maintain the result. Always discuss the treatment frequency or schedule with your provider to understand what is best for your case.
At Root Hair Institute we are honored to be able to serve patients in the Greater Seattle area with growth factor injections and other hair restoration services. We are located in Bellevue, Washington. We recommend scheduling an initial consultation to help you discover more about your hair loss and what treatments are recommended in your case.

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