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Eyebrow Restoration Surgery in Greater Seattle

Whether you are looking for a complete eyebrow makeover or just some minor corrections, we can help with a consultation for a potential eyebrow restoration surgery (also called eyebrow transplant) at Root Hair Institute (RHI). 

Eyebrow Transplant in Greater Seattle

Our surgeons at RHI are located in the Greater Seattle area in Bellevue, Washington. They have the experience and artistry this procedure requires.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about if eyebrow restoration surgery is right for you.

Eyebrow Restoration Surgery Explained

Eyebrow restoration surgery is a popular treatment to help thicken or reconstruct eyebrows. The primary goal of eyebrow restoration surgery is to add more fullness to the brows in patients that have sparse hair in their eyebrows. This can have a large impact on the face’s overall appearance as the eyebrows serve to frame the eyes. It often works similarly to scalp hair restoration in that hair follicular units (grafts) are obtained from the scalp or other parts of the body (see Hair Restoration Surgery). 

How Do I Know if I Am a Suitable Candidate for Eyebrow Restoration Surgery?

If you are experiencing any of the following concerns, you may be a good candidate for eyebrow restoration surgery:

  • You have very sparse eyebrows and would like to add more fullness
  • You are suffering from loss of eyebrows due to over-plucking
  • Your eyebrows are poorly shaped or not symmetrical
  • You have scars in your eyebrow area that you would like to improve

It is important to have a consultation to allow your surgeon to evaluate your eyebrows and scalp to determine if you are an appropriate candidate.

What happens at your Eyebrow Transplant Consult?

  • During your eyebrow restoration consultation at Root Hair Institute, your surgeon will meet with you to better understand your goals. It is important to discuss with the surgeon your desired look as far as your eyebrows are concerned.
  • Your surgeon will examine your eyebrow and donor area. They will determine if you are an appropriate candidate for eyebrow restoration surgery. 
  • Your surgeon will educate you on the options to obtain the needed follicular grafts and map out the recipient area.
  • You will receive an estimated cost and have an opportunity to schedule your procedure if desired.

How does our Eyebrow Restoration Surgery work?

  • Eyebrow restoration surgery is similar to scalp hair restoration in that the hair follicles are obtained via either FUT or FUE method of donor harvesting (see Hair Restoration Surgery). 
  • Your RHI surgeon and team will identify the hair characteristics of both your scalp and eyebrow hair so that the ideal hair follicles from the scalp can be targeted during harvesting and then subsequently transplanted into the recipient eyebrow region(s). 
  • Generally, the appropriate hair follicles for harvesting are on the sides of the head (temporo-parietal regions) or the lower part of the back of the head (lower occipital region). These hairs are typically thinner and appear more natural when transplanted in the eyebrow region. 
  • The hair is then placed in the thin or sparse areas of the eyebrows where fuller coverage is desired using small needles/blades to make micro-incisions.
  • During the procedure at RHI, your hair restoration surgeon will determine the direction, angle, and depth of each of each transplanted hair follicle to optimize your results. 
  • At RHI, our hair restoration surgeons take the time to leave transplanted hairs longer than with scalp hair transplant. This allows determination of the curl of the hair follicles once they are transplanted into the eyebrow region. This technique is more difficult and time-intensive but important in order to improve the appearance of the final results. 
  • The team will also educate you on pre-operative and post-operative care in the days and weeks before and after the surgery. 
  • As with any type of hair restoration surgery, whether on the scalp, beard, or eyebrows, the transplanted hair follicles may shed but then will grow new hair shafts in the months to year after the procedure. 
  • The transplanted hair are usually permanent but will take months to grow in. The hair generally starts to grow in around 4-6 months. However, it can take up to 12-15 months post-surgery to see the full effect

How does our Eyebrow Restoration Surgery help?

We have helped many patients achieve their eyebrow goals through eyebrow restoration surgery. Some examples of how patients have been helped by this procedure include fuller appearance of eyebrows, increased hair density of eyebrows, increased self-confidence, and natural-appearing results.

Overall Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Restoration Surgery

Below are some key points to consider before undergoing an eyebrow transplant:


  • Can help to improve the appearance of sparse or thinning eyebrows
  • Can help to improve the symmetry of the eyebrows
  • Can help to fill in scars in the eyebrow area
  • Provides a long-lasting solution in most cases


  • Takes up to 12-15 months after the procedure to see the full result
  • Additional touch-up procedures may be required to achieve the fullness desired
  • Requires an investment of time and money

Benefits of our Eyebrow Restoration Surgery

Eyebrow transplant may be able to help you restore the full eyebrows you once had or always desired. Some potential benefits of this procedure are listed below:

Our eyebrow transplant procedure involves the transfer of hair follicles to the eyebrow region, in order to help achieve a fuller, thicker set of eyebrows.

The appearance of eyebrows can significantly affect the appearance of the entire face as the eyebrows can serve to frame and enhance other facial features such as the eyes.

Thin or sparse eyebrows can affect many individuals’ self confidence. Eyebrow restoration surgery can help many individuals with eyebrow hair loss or thin eyebrows restore their eyebrows and boost their self-confidence.

Eyebrow transplants typically provide long-lasting results. The transplanted hairs in an eyebrow transplant tend to be permanent in most cases. However, it is important to note that the transplant does not prevent further loss of hair in the eyebrows. Thus, it is important to have a consult prior to having the surgery performed to address any underlying causes of the eyebrow thinning or loss if applicable. Unlike other procedures such as microblading, the results from an eyebrow transplant are usually long lasting.
The new hairs appear natural because they are your own. Additionally, at RHI, our surgeons pay attention to detail such as the curvature and hair quality to make the transplanted hair look as natural as possible.

Microblading for the eyebrows has become a popular procedure over the years. It can be a great option to add pigment to the eyebrow region, but it does not provide actual increased hair density to the brows. Additionally, it is usually a temporary solution that will need corrections and touch-ups. Often in those with little to no existing hair, microblading may not look natural. Fortunately, eyebrow restoration surgery can provide increased hair growth in the eyebrows providing a more natural alternative. If patients have existing microblading, eyebrow restoration surgery can be a great complement to provide actual hair growth of the eyebrows in addition to the existing pigment.

Our fellowship-trained hair restoration surgeons can help you understand the risks, benefits, and alternatives of the procedure during your consultation.

Thinning eyebrows? At Root Hair Institute, we can help you achieve fuller eyebrows.

Safe & Precise Eyebrow Restoration in Greater Seattle

Root Hair Institute is made up of a team of experts who are highly-trained to perform eyebrow restoration surgery here in the Seattle area. Our surgeons at RHI have the experience and artistry needed for this detailed procedure. They use the latest techniques and technologies to make the procedure as safe and precise as possible.

Eyebrow Transplant recovery time

The recovery period after eyebrow transplant is relatively short compared to other types of cosmetic surgery. There is required aftercare such as avoiding or modifying face washes, applying spray or ointment to the recipient and/or donor areas, and limiting certain activities such as exercise often for the first few days to week after the procedure. After the first week, there may be some additional precautions for the weeks to months after the procedure such as limiting certain activities and strict sun protection. It is important to discuss all aftercare instructions in detail with your performing hair restoration surgeon and to ask them any questions you may have. They will be able to give you appropriate advice for your particular case.

What Maintenance is Required after Eyebrow Restoration Surgery?

The transplanted hairs in eyebrow restoration surgery are often taken from the scalp. These transplanted hairs keep the characteristics of the scalp including the ability to grow relatively long (as the growing phase of scalp hairs is longer than that of eyebrow hairs). This means that the transplanted hairs need to be groomed in order to avoid them growing long and maintain a neat and tidy appearance. Regular weekly trimming of the eyebrows is recommended in order to allow the most natural appearance of the transplanted hairs.
Root Hair Institute can help restore your confidence with a fuller set of eyebrows.

Our Eyebrow Restoration Surgery Cost

The precise cost of your eyebrow transplant will vary depending on your specific needs. Schedule a consultation with our team, so that our surgeon can evaluate your particular case and provide you with the cost of the procedure for your individual case.

We do offer a variety of financing options to help make the surgery more affordable.

Why choose Root Hair Institute for your Eyebrow Restoration Surgery in Seattle?

Root Hair Institute (RHI) is a leading provider of hair restoration surgery and eyebrow transplant surgery in Greater Seattle. Below are just a few reasons why patients trust us.

Expertise & commitment to patient care.

Our fellowship-trained surgeons are experts in the field and have extensive experience performing eyebrow restoration surgery. We have a dedicated team of staff members who are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients.

For the finest outcomes, we use the most advanced tools and techniques.

To ensure that we provide our patients with the best eyebrow restoration results possible, we use the most advanced techniques, technology, and tools available.

Comprehensive and personalized care.

Our surgeons have extensive training and experience in eyebrow restoration so that they can tailor treatment plans to the individual objectives, concerns, and priorities of each individual.

Aesthetic judgment & artistry.

Our team not only has the technical skills required but also the artistic eye needed to provide the most natural-appearing results possible.

Continued education & support.

We provide education throughout the whole process from the consultation to the post-operative period. We educate patients on their condition and treatment options. We provide clear post-operative care instructions, follow ups, and support to ensure optimal healing and results.


An eyebrow restoration surgery or eyebrow transplant is a type of cosmetic surgery that moves hair from one area of the scalp or body to the eyebrow to provide thicker or fuller brows.

At Root Hair Institute, we listen to your needs and wants. We will work with you when planning your procedure to understand your desires and goals in terms of your eyebrow design.

Typically, the procedure lasts between 4-8 hours; however, the procedure could potentially be shorter or longer. The length of the surgery will in part be determined by the number of grafts required for your specific case to achieve your desired result.


It is an outpatient procedure that takes half to a full day. It is performed under local anesthesia and does not require general anesthesia. At RHI, the procedure is completed in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of appropriate breaks to allow patients to feel comfortable and help direct the aesthetic goals of the surgery in real time.

In most cases, the transplanted hairs in eyebrow restoration surgery are permanent and grow in that region long term. However, there can be exceptions. Additionally, it is important to note that eyebrow transplant does not prevent further loss of non-transplanted hairs in the eyebrows, so it is important to meet with your surgeon to determine if there are any underlying causes of eyebrow thinning.
As with any type of hair restoration surgery, eyebrow restoration surgery results may vary and are not immediate. Initially, the transplanted hairs may shed temporarily and may not be noticeable. The transplanted hairs are typically permanent but take time to grow in. The hairs typically begin to grow in 4-6 months after the procedure. The full density and thickness of the transplanted hair often take 12-15 months after the procedure to be appreciated.

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