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How to Get a Thicker Beard

In 2023, about 44% of men all over the world have a beard. However, many men struggle with growing a full beard that is fully connected or doesn’t look patchy. If you’re interested in growing a thicker beard, there are some different solutions you can try. Keep reading to discover how to get the beard […]

Achieving Natural-Looking Brows: The Benefits of Eyebrow Transplants

Have you ever stopped long enough to realize that the Mona Lisa doesn’t have eyebrows? While this mysterious lady might be able to pull that look off, it’s not for everyone. For many, the shape of their eyebrows or lack thereof can often impact self-image. So what’s a person to do beyond making sure to […]

What’s the Solution for Improving an Uneven Hairline?

The road to receding hairlines begins early for some. With a staggering 25% of men starting to lose hair before 21 due to hereditary male pattern baldness, the prospect can be daunting. By the time they hit 35, nearly two-thirds of men have experienced hair loss to some degree, escalating to a whopping 85% by […]

Hair Transplant Recovery and Timeline

According to some market research, about 1 in 13 men have had hair transplant surgery. Having this type of procedure can really help men who are struggling with hair loss, but many people wonder what do the recovery process and expected time line look like? Keep reading to discover more. The Healing Timeline When you […]

How Hair Transplants Can Help With an Uneven Hairline

By the age of 35, about two-thirds of all men have experienced some degree of hair loss. Hairloss can produce a number of different patterns. One of the most common occurrences is a receding hairline. This can produce a number of outcomes including in some cases an uneven hair line. Other individuals may always have had […]

Thinning Eyebrows: Causes and Solutions

No matter how you slice it, much of our identity and self-esteem is tied to our appearance. Hair including eyebrow hair is a big factor for both men and women. So when you started losing hair or notice thinning, it’s natural to go into crisis mode and seek solutions. About 80% of men and almost […]

How to Address Sudden Bald Spots and Thinning

A staggering 35 million men and 21 million women are forced to confront the often harrowing reality of hair loss. This staggering number attests to the widespread nature of the issue. It’s more than just a statistic; it’s a silent epidemic that causes distress, diminishes confidence, and stirs self-doubt. But what if there was a […]

Beard Transplant Cost: A Comprehensive Guide for Planning and Budgeting

Nearly half of all women and up to 80 percent of all men experience significant hair loss during their lifetimes. While most cases of hair loss are associated with the scalp, many of the same conditions that cause baldness can impact facial hair as well. This includes eyebrows and beards. In addition to thinning beards […]

A Complete Guide to Gender-Affirming Hairline Restoration

Recent statistics reveal that almost 90% of transgender or gender-diverse people desire hair removal with either electrolysis or laser hair removal. There are also others who seek to to increase hair density in areas such as the hairline, other areas of the scalp, beard or mustache, or eyebrows. Having increased hair density or a different […]

Causes of Female Hair Thinning at the Crown and What to Do About It

For many individuals, their hair and the way it looks can make them feel confident and allow them to express themselves. Thinning hair can affect that confidence. Although thinning hair at the crown is often talked about in men, it can also occur in women. By age 50, 40% of women will experience female pattern […]